Pioneer's Peak - Colors of Nature color scheme
Pioneer's Peak - Colors of Nature color scheme

Pioneer's Peak - Colors of Nature color scheme

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The Children will zip through the heights with this lovely, expansive playset. The Pioneer's Peak commercial playground structure boasts a whopping three slides, making it a favorite for rambunctious children of all ages. 

They’ll be brimming with delight as they shoot down the structure’s Left Turn and Wave Slides. Additionally, a Double Slide provides the perfect avenue for an afternoon of friendly competition as children race each other to the bottom. 

An ideal structure for children who love to climb, the Pioneer's Peak features a number of scaling opportunities, including a Pod Climber and an impressive Rock Hole Climber modeled after climbing gyms. On the ground floor, a Ship’s Wheel and Bench Panel act as whimsical portals into a realm of imaginary and dramatic play. 

A Gear Panel on one of the platforms provides mental stimulation for intellectual children who love to solve puzzles. And a Line Roof covering the two platforms offers plenty of shade and protection on hot and sunny days. The Pioneer's Peak model is available in your choice of either the Colors of Nature or  Playful Party (primary colors). Pioneer's Peak is one of our Quick Ship option and usually ships within one to three weeks, however check with us during the peak season if you need this structure fast.

Pioneer's Peak
Child Capacity 29 - 34
Fall Height 6'
Use Zone 25' 3" x 44' 4"
Age Appropriate 5-12
Post Diameter 3.5-Inch

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