Play Structures for ages 6-23 months

Play Structures for ages 6-23 months

Strictly for Kids specializes in age and developmentally appropriate infant toddler playground equipment. We offer some of the best quality childcare playground structures, from many of the leading commercial playground equipment suppliers.

Strictly for Kids also manufactures the safest, most progressive infant and toddler playground equipment on the market today. All Strictly for Kids manufactured playgrounds begin with the code letters "SKPG..." We incorporate high sides and closed off stair risers, to prevent falls throughout, great visibility, hand rails and numerous features to help provide balance and development for early learners.

Many features on the Strictly for Kids brand allow a crawler to grasp a rail or feature, pull themselves up to a standing position, learn to balance, then develop to the early stages of walking, while using these play features as cruising rails, to safely toddle from feature to feature.

The extra deep steps on all Strictly for Kids manufactured play structures allow children to navigate the stairs safely, with enclosed sides to prevent falling off. The width of the stairs and ramps, with hand rails on each side, help create a safe traffic flow. When a child is going up, holding onto a handrail, another child exiting will see them, grasp the opposing hand rail, then pass by without collision.

The hood above the slide includes lower rails, preventing headers from running down or being pushed off the slide. The child may grasp the lower rails, allowing them to sit safely prior to exiting down the slide. The inspirational learning features on the Strictly for Kids line of play equipment includes tracking tubes, tracking chutes, tracking rails, sensory tables, ball mazes, steering wheels, bubbles, texture panels, mirrors, a variety of spinner panels and toys, along with many more exhilarating features.

Our proprietary "Challenge Stairs" and "Challenge Bridge" are designed to add an extra level of interest and an exercise element not available on other brands of infant and toddler equipment. Most Strictly for Kids infant toddler playground equipment arrives semi-assembled and goes together in minutes, with the provided hardware, and tools. You are not required to hire a contractor to install the Strictly for Kids brand of playground equipment. The teachers can do this, or use volunteers. There are no pipes or metal collars protruding, all hardware is sleek and non-obtrusive, and every structure is hand crafted in our factory in Tacoma, WA. The craftsmanship is unlike any other daycare playground equipment on the market today. To learn more about our elegant, inspired designs, check out this short video from an episode of the "World's Greatest" T.V. show, which featured our company click here.

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Bead Sensory Box
Product ID: EWMEC-227
Mirror Sensory Box
Product ID: EWMEC-226
Window Sensory Box
Product ID: EWMEC-229
Shapes Sensory Box
Product ID: EWMEC-228
Outdoor Infant Toddler Socialization Cube with Texture Panel
Product ID: SKPG5940IT
Rock & Glide
Product ID: EWMEC-243
Learn-a-Lot 2-Panel Play Station
Product ID: UP-149
Learn-A-Lot, 2 Panel, Choice of colors
Product ID: UP149
Cruise a Long, Comfy Tuff, 62''l x 25''w x 33''h
Product ID: UP139
Cruise a Long, Coated Steel, 62''l x 25''w x 33''h
Product ID: UP137
TOT Climber In/Outdoor Red or Green, 16'-3
Product ID: CFTOT-01000R/G
Tot Town Mushroom Kottage
Product ID: SY-301-145
Crawl and Toddle, Coated Steel, 56
Product ID: UP133
Crawl and Toddle, Comfy Tuff
Product ID: UP130
Discovery Center Super Sprout - Roof Option
Product ID: UPDC-SS
$2,403.99  $1,985.99
Titan Submarine
Product ID: SKPG5910x
Kinder Crossing
Product ID: EWMEC-009
Family Pets,  56w x 48-1/4d x 33h inch
Product ID: SKPG528N
Deep Sea Adventure Infant Toddler Fun Station
Product ID: SKPG528B
Learn-a-Lot 4-Panel Playstation
Product ID: UP142
The Big Outdoors
Product ID: UP146
Cockpit Infant Toddler Developmental PlayStation
Product ID: SKPG520USA
Stone Cottage
Product ID: GFP47207
Cat's Den, 64''l x 38
Product ID: UP66503
Discovery Center Playhouse
Product ID: UPDC-PLAY0186
$3,448.99  $2,403.99
R-Town Church
Product ID: GFP47510
R-Town Cottage
Product ID: GFP47508
Oscar the Octopus Infant Indoor-Outdoor Play Station
Product ID: SKPG527B
Polytone Playhouse
Product ID: GFP47203
Step 'n Toddle Deck
Product ID: GFP49211FT
Whimsical Cottage Mini Playhouse
Product ID: SKPG2461x
Step 'n Slide Infant-Toddler Outdoor Playground - Bright Colors
Product ID: SKPG440B
Step 'n Slide Infant-Toddler Outdoor Playground - Natural Colors
Product ID: SKPG440N
Pioneer Playhouse
Product ID: GFP47103TT
Brick Cottage
Product ID: GFP47209
Rock 'n Roll Activity Center
Product ID: GFP49216
Educational Activity Center, 101''l x 54''w x 38''h
Product ID: UP66507
Step, Slide and Sensory
Product ID: SKPG442
Discovery Center Sapling
Product ID: UPDC-SAPR0169
$5,224.99  $4,179.99
R-Town Schoolhouse
Product ID: GFP47504
Discovery Center Seedling, Natural
$5,273.30  $3,999.99
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Discovery Center Seedling, Bright
$5,273.30  $3,599.99
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Camp Walden, Bright
Product ID: PGEC-PKP025P
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Camp Walden, Natural
Product ID: PGEC-PKP025N
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Infant Toddler Dream Playground - Bright Colors
Product ID: SKPG443B
Infant Toddler Dream Playground - Natural Colors
Product ID: SKPG443N
Tot Town
Product ID: EWEC-201
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