Playground Safety Surfacing Tiles, use outdoors or indoors - Select 4', 6', 8' or 10' Fall Height, 6 Color Choices
Playground Safety Surfacing Tiles, use outdoors or indoors - Select 4', 6', 8' or 10' Fall Height, 6 Color Choices

Playground Safety Surfacing Tiles, use outdoors or indoors - Select 4', 6', 8' or 10' Fall Height, 6 Color Choices

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Children play hard, which means they fall hard too. Cushion dangerous falls and reduce injuries with these well engineered rubber safety tiles. Designed with children’s play and safety in mind, this Safety Surfacing System complies with stringent ASTM requirements for playground fall safety and is available in a variety of thicknesses to match the fall heights of even the most extreme play equipment.

These wonderful tiles are now available in 6 color choices, including Blue, Terra Cotta (Red), Green, Brown, Black and Grey. The tiles can also be used to protect children while playing indoors on climbers, lofts, climbing walls, etc..  

You will need 1 tube of Rubber Tile to Tile Adhesive for each 18 Tiles and/or Edge Ramps, select here: Tile to Tile Adhesive

You will need 1 tube of Perimeter Base Adhesive for each 80 Lineal Feet of Tiles and/or Edge Ramps around the perimeter, select here: Perimeter Base Adhesive

Be sure to order Rubber Playground Edge Ramps to close off the edges and provide a safe transition onto the mats, for any edges installed above ground level, if the edge is not butted up to a wall, curb, wood, etc.

Features & Benefits:

  • Durable 2' x 2' recycled rubber tiles with 12" x 12" cross-hatch pattern.
  • Available in 6 color choices and either 4'h, 6'h, 8'h or 10'h fall height.
  • Installs equally well over a hard surface sub-base or a well compacted granular surface.
  • Easy to install with interlocking pin system for alignment.
  • Tile edge adhesive creates a monolithic safety surface that's not bonded to sub-base.
  • The center V-Groove is designed to quickly be sliced down the middle, as needed, to form 1' x 2' tiles to fit odd sized spaces without the need to order more tiles than you need. You'll be able to stagger the tiles in a 'Running Bond' using half tiles in alternate rows.
  • Subsidiary structural tile legs (stanchions) allow for unrestricted water drainage away from site.
  • Eliminate health and safety concerns from buried objects and animal wastes.
  • Eliminate risks and maintenance associated with displaced loose fill materials (i.e., wood fiber).
Technical Specifications:
  • Construction: PlayFall Tile.
  • Color: Terra Cotta, Green and Black.
  • Surface Style: 12" x 12" Cross-Hatch Pattern.
  • Size: 24" x 24". 4' Fall Height = 1-3/4" Thickness, 6'H = 2-3/4" Thick, 8'H = 3-3/4" Thick, 10'H = 4-3/4" Thick
  • Weight: 4' Fall Height: 22 lbs, 6' Fall Height: 23.6 lbs,  8' Fall Height: 25.2 lbs,  10' Fall Height: 28 lbs
  • Fall Height Standard: ASTM F1292-09 Impact Attenuation
Note: Must be installed over a hard surface sub-base, such as pavement or a well compacted granular surface.
Adding adhesive to the order will add one qty adhesive for 1 qty tiles. Order only the amount of adhesive needed, then add the remainder of the tiles to your shopping cart individually.
These tiles require tile to tile adhesive and perimeter adhesive to install correctly:

1 tube per 18 tiles for tile to tile adhesion   

1gallon Perimeter Adhesive per 80 lineal ft. around the perimeter 

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