At Strictly for Kids, our world is all about learning through play. We offer the highest quality, developmentally appropriate playground equipment, independent play systems, safety surfacing, and shade canopies, on the market. We heavily discount, offer numerous free shipping deals, sales, and the best value.

Are you a private, non-profit, or faith based childcare center, searching for the best designed infant-toddler playground equipment imaginable? Need a cheap preschool playground, or outdoor classroom furniture? We have the best discount playground equipment.

If you're with the U.S. Military, GSA, Head Start, Tribal or Corporate Childcare Center, needing a nature themed playground, or anything else, we're the prime vendor for you. Need it fast? Many systems Quick Ship.

Are you with a park, public school or children's museum? Need inclusive play equipment? Want to add music, science or thematic designs to the environment? You've discovered the best source for all your needs.

Want to save money? Besides our low prices, sales and free shipping deals, many of our play structures are designed to be installed by volunteers. Save $1,000's by installing it yourself; why hire a contractor? Want it installed? Can Do! We can also customize your play equipment and outdoor classroom furniture.

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Duraliner WoodCarpet System
Product ID: ZBDL6
Playground Border with Spike
Product ID: APSBorder8
Rubber Tile to Tile Adhesive
Product ID: NWNAS-PF825
Premium Rubber Playground Edge Ramp, 40''w x 8''d x 1.75''h
Product ID: NW4RMPB
Junior 4-To-Score Replacement Rings - 20 Piece
Product ID: ELR23202
DynaCurb Rubber Border - Size Options - Stakes Included
Product ID: R4DC72
Garden Rock - Choose Size
Product ID: EV-EPR-01
Playground Border Filler Ends
Product ID: APS-FE8
Playground Border Filler Ends - Set of 12
Product ID: APS-FE8-12
Swing/Slide Wear Mat
Product ID: APS-4040
My Rider mini Scooter
Product ID: ANAFB3664
Blue Shipping Icon
SilverRider® 8
Product ID: ANAFB3200SR
Blue Shipping Icon
SilverRider® 10
Product ID: ANAFB2710SR
Blue Shipping Icon
SilverRider® 10
Product ID: ANAFB2700SR
Blue Shipping Icon
DynaCushion - Size Options
Product ID: DY-R20C4836
ADA Playground Safety Surfacing Ramp
Product ID: NW4ADAB
E-Z Brick Mat, 4' x 6' x 1
Product ID: DY-B10F4872
Beveled Surface Mat - Size Options
Product ID: DY-R20B4242
Swing Wear Mat, 3' x 5' x 2
Product ID: APS-35
SilverRider® 12
Product ID: ANAFB0200SR
Blue Shipping Icon
Perimeter Base Adhesive
SilverRider® 14
Product ID: ANAFB0300SR
Blue Shipping Icon
SilverRider® Super Cycle
Product ID: ANAFB1500SR
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SilverRider® Skitter Scooter
Product ID: ANAFB1800SR
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Flower House SpringHouse Greenhouse
Product ID: SS531198
$98 Free Shipping
Landscape Fabric
Product ID: NW36300LS
Tireswing Beveled Wear Mat - Size Options
Product ID: DY-R20OCT4848
Economy Grill
Product ID: KS9500
$304.99  $274.99
Brass Face Sundial, 24
Product ID: EV-SD1
$349.99  $259.99
Ground Smart Rubber Mulch, Half Ton Super Sack, Choice of Colors
3' Portable Preschool Bench - Multiple Colors
Product ID: US940PPS-V3X
Pizza Garden
Product ID: GFP49387
Square Edge Bench, 50
Product ID: EV-SB2
$459.99  $309.99
Hop Rock Square
Product ID: EV-EPHR-01
$489.99  $429.99
Hop Rock Triangle
Product ID: EV-EPHR-02
$489.99  $429.99
Mushroom on Spring
Product ID: KS9701
$499.99  $429.99
ADA Half Ramp
Product ID: APS-ADAHalfRamp
Plastic Coated Steel Bench - Select Size
Product ID: KS52006
$519.99  $469.99
Natural Edge Bench, 50
Product ID: EV-SB1
$529.99  $409.99
See Saw - Select # of Seats
Product ID: SY-801-212M-H
Curved Balance Beam, 12
Product ID: KS80710
$559.99  $469.99
8' Balance Beam
Product ID: PGEC-PFS014
$579.99  $499.99
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Pony Spring Rider
Product ID: SY-361-502
Zebra Spring Rider
Product ID: SY-361-503
Child's Picnic Table, 4' or 6'
Product ID: UP-158PS-V4
Sculpted Bench, 50
Product ID: EV-SB3
$589.99  $459.99
Harry Hopper Fun Bounce
Product ID: PGEC-PFB006
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