Playsystem #6677
Playsystem #6677

Playsystem #6677

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A big seller with its 2 huge slides, popular track ride and lily pad walk, double climbing wall, challenging turning wheels and much, much more. This large play system features our most popular events for the age range. Includes 11 elevated play events, 1 ground level play event, 2 gable roofs for shade and an ADA transfer module. Accommodates about 50 children ages 5 - 12 years old.

Use zone required - 52' x 42'.

Choose from 3.5" OD steel posts with plastic decks, 3.5"OD steel posts with steel decks, or 5"OD steel posts with steel decks.


KS6677-01, KS6677-02, KS6677-03

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