Playsystem #6865SS
Playsystem #6865SS

Playsystem #6865SS

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Children enjoy fun in the shade as the large 18' x 18' sun shelter protects them from harmful rays of the sun. This preschool playground is packed with climbing and sliding opportunities and includes 3 different slides and a variety of play panels. Includes 8 elevated play events, 4 ground level play events, an ADA compliant transfer module and a built-in 18' x 18' fabric sun shelter. Accommodates about 30 children ages 2 - 5 years old.

Use zone required - 35' x 28'.

Choose from 3.5" OD steel posts with plastic decks, 3.5"OD steel posts with steel decks, or 5"OD steel posts with steel decks.


KS6865SS-01, KS6865ss-02, KS6865SS-03

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