Playsystem #7015
Playsystem #7015

Playsystem #7015

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This large play system, with a 12' long wheelchair ramp to a hex shaped platform, allows children with all physical abilities to explore its many varied activities - slides, crawl tubes, bridges, activity panels and climbers too. Includes 16 elevated play events, 6 of which are accessible to a child in a wheelchair, 1 ground level play event, 1 large hex shaped roof and 1 square roof for shade and an ADA compliant transfer point.

Use zone required - 37' x 37'. Ages 2-5.

Choose from 3.5" OD (Outside Diameter) steel posts with plastic decks, 3.5"OD steel posts with steel decks, or 5"OD steel posts with steel decks.


KS7015-01, KS7015-02, KS7015-03

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