Positioning, Mobility and Orientation


Many Special needs students have physical needs as well. Positioning is one of those common needs. We provide many solutions for your positioning needs.

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Dial Corp. Handy and Stackable Lap Tray - Blue
Product ID: SS020079
$98 Free Shipping
Safety Snap
Product ID: FG40154
Sportime Movin Sit Inflatable Junior Wedge Seat, PVC Vinyl, Blue
Product ID: SS008266
$98 Free Shipping
Lightweight Portable Just Foam Square Cube Set, Gray - Set of 4
Product ID: SS021179
$98 Free Shipping
Net Swing Board
Product ID: FG40094
Abilitations 4-Way Tilt Board with Carry Handle, Birchwood
Product ID: SS1320526
$98 Free Shipping
Skillbuilders (Registered) Half Roll - Multiple Sizes
Product ID: SS1450504
$98 Free Shipping
Abilitations Integrations Monkey-Swing Vestibular Orientation
Product ID: SS030360
$98 Free Shipping
Safety Rotational Device
Product ID: FG40153
Therapy Hammock Chair
Product ID: FG5025
Wood Beam System
Product ID: FG477
TheraGym  Soft and Plush SensiMats Set
Product ID: FG40148
Full - Support Small Swing Pommel Seat
Product ID: FG7454
Therapy Net Swing
Product ID: FG40156
Rody Inflated Ride-On Horse Rocking Rody - Assorted Colors
Product ID: SS008630
$98 Free Shipping
Hammock with Stand
Product ID: FG37282
Creeper Seat, 2
Product ID: SS1052657
$98 Free Shipping
Comfort Cushion Hanging Chair
Product ID: FG40314
HowdaHug Roll-Up Seat - Multiple Color
Product ID: SS1017346
$98 Free Shipping
Abilitations Integrations Round Padded T-Stool, 10
Product ID: SS1268878
$98 Free Shipping
Abilitations Integrations Adjustable Sling Swing
Product ID: SS1319356
$98 Free Shipping
Drive Medical Adjustable Headrest, for Use with First Class Chair
Product ID: SS015166
$98 Free Shipping
Full - Support Medium Swing Pommel Seat
Product ID: FG4699
C-Style Hanging Chair Stand
Product ID: FG40315
Hensinger Unmounted Head Support - Small - Back Plate
Product ID: SS011243
$98 Free Shipping
Abilitations Integrations Round T-Stool, 11
Product ID: SS1268879
$98 Free Shipping
Hensinger Unmounted Head Support - Medium
Product ID: SS011242
$98 Free Shipping
Beano Swing
Product ID: FG6973
Vertical Bouncer Kit
Product ID: FG40151
Four-Suspention Point Spinner
Product ID: FG41462
TheraGym  Sling Swing
Product ID: FG40145
Height Adjustment System
Product ID: FG40152
Door Support Set
Product ID: FG41022
Abilitations Integrations Inflatable Rocker, Vinyl
Product ID: SS1376274
$98 Free Shipping
Ultimate Rocker Board
Product ID: FG41124
Circle Platform Swing
Product ID: FG41473
Adjustable Angle Swing Foot Rests
Product ID: FG41545
TheraGym  Rectangle Platform Swing
Product ID: FG40147
Full - Support Large Swing Pommel Seat
Product ID: FG6871
Cross Bar for Sensory Integration Station
Product ID: FG41123
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