PremaTak Vinyl Tack Boards

PremaTak Vinyl Tack Boards

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Washable, fabric-backed vinyl tack surface is available in 5 designer colors. Vinyl material retains resiliency so pin holes seem to disappear. Choose from satin aluminum frame or decorative vinyl wrapped edge.

10-year guarantee. Additional shipping charges apply.

GHE1618, 1623, GHE1623, 1618, 1634, GHE1634,av46,GHEAV46,av48, GHEAV48,av410,GHEAv410,av412, GHEAv412, GHE12UV46W,12uv46w, 12uv48x, GHE12UV48W, 12uv410w, 12uv412w, GHE12UV410W,GHE12UV412W,

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