Preschool Horizontal Climbing Wall, Grey, 6' h

Preschool Horizontal Climbing Wall, Grey, 6' h

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Our freestanding playground rock climbing wall allows for horizontal climbing on both sides. Children can experience all of the thrills, gross motor development and benefits of rock climbing. while enjoying the safety of climbing sideways instead of elevating to an inappropriate height.

Perfectly suited for child care facilities, playgrounds, schoolyards or backyards.

Waterproof, durable and easy to clean, each gray climbing wall panel includes Groperz Hand Holds and zinc-plated bolts. Panels are mounted to blue powder-coated steel posts. Sold as 12' long, or make your playground rock climbing wall longer with additional panel purchases. Recommended for ages 5-12. IPEMA CERTIFIED.

Additional info:
Size6' High
Dimensions6'H x 12'L
Climber Capacity6 Climbers
# of Hand Holds120
Installation Time8+ hours*
Fall Height 6"
Use Zone13" x 24"
Weight650 lbs
Age Appropriate3-5

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