Pretend & Play Latino Family
Pretend & Play Latino Family

Pretend & Play Latino Family

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Add these families to your block area or doll house play to allow more opportunity for learning with play. Each of these 8-piece families, from grandpa to baby, are freestanding and realistically detailed. Made of solid vinyl.

Tallest figure is 5" H. Baby sits 1 3/4". Ages 2 yrs. +.

ITERS-R:Blocks "Variety of accessories including transportation toys, people, animals." ("Variety" means at least 5 from each category: transportation, people, and animals.) Pg. 40

ITERS-R: Promoting acceptance of diversity 5.2 "Dolls representing at least 3 races accessible (Ex. skin tones or facial features)." (Small dolls used in doll houses or block play do count) Pg. 45

ECERS-3: Promoting acceptance of diversity 5.3 "Classroom materials include at least 4 of the 5 types of diversity (race, culture, age, ability, and non-traditional gender role)."

ECERS-3:Blocks "Enough space, unit blocks, and accessories from 3 categories accessible for 3 children to build sizeable independent structures at the same time.

ECERS-3: Promoting acceptance of diversity 5.2 "At least 10 easily visible positive examples of diversity, with at least 1 example in each of the following: books, displayed pictures, and accessible play materials." (you can consider puppets and block play accessories. Do not include anything credited in 5.1. books should be recognizable by covers.) Pg. 64 & 65

SACERS: Cultural Awareness 5.1 "Many multicultural materials that reflect the diversity of peoples." (at least 4 easily visible examples including types of diversity other than gender.) Pg. 33

SACERS: Blocks and construction"Accessories of various types to use with blocks or interlocking construction materials (Ex. appropriately sized people, animals, vehicles; accessories for different themes such as knights, pirates, farming)." Pg. 28

FCCERS-R: Promoting Acceptance of Diversity 5.2 "At least 4 examples of props representing various races/cultures accessible for use in dramatic play (Ex. Dolls of different races; ethnic clothing; cooking and eating utensils from various cultural groups)." Must show no violence or stereotypes. Pg. 50 & 51

FCCERS-R: Blocks" Variety of accessories, including transportation toys, people, animals." Pg. 41

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