Primary Science Wow & Wonder Science Set

Primary Science Wow & Wonder Science Set

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This STEM-supporting set includes everything you need to help junior scientists learn color identification and the properties of magnetism while conducting fun, hands-on investigations! Add some wow to science and discover the wonders of colors, magnets, bubbles, and more with these super-fun experiments and kid-cool tools. Ten double-sided Activity Cards include easy-to-follow experiments for mixing colors, exploring the power of magnets, and even creating your own bubble solution. Bubble wand measures 4" diameter. Ages: 3+.


  • 1 Bubble wand and dish,
  • 2 Test tubes in a stand,
  • 1 Horseshoe magnet,
  • 1 Twisty Dropper,
  • Color Mixing Glasses with 6 lenses,
  • 1 Guide.

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