Quick Ship Playground Equipment

Do you need a commercial playground system or equipment, but you need it fast?  Strictly for Kids has you covered!

We offer some of the very highest quality, age and developmentally appropriate, commercial outdoor playground equipment available anywhere.  We work with over 20 manufacturers, several of who offer equipment on quick ship programs. Need a playground structure, rubber tiles, outdoor instruments, infant/toddler playground, nature play equipment, outdoor classroom furniture, independent play or other equipment now? We're here to remove your stress!

Due to the extreme restraints on shipping, sourcing materials and the shortage of workers, many of our quick ship suppliers are currently experiencing longer lead times. During this period, we are only placing a small portion of this equipment in our current Quick Ship program, we do have more. 

If you need it fast and wish to see what other equipment options are available, please contact us at 877-897-0422 to learn more. We can quickly source other options through our inventory and suppliers for you.  If it's available, we can likely get it in time.

Do you have specific needs for playground equipment that you cannot easily find? Perhaps you want a much safer, age and developmentally appropriate playground for infant and toddlers. Maybe you would like to purchase a playground structure that allows you and your staff to easily supervise, without blind spots from panels and barriers that block visibility. Do you need something designed to fit an unusual or restrictive space? Need a structure that is free standing and is installed above ground? Have you been shocked by the price of installation and need a structure that is shipped semi-assembled, that can be put together in minutes by your staff, friends and/or family?

We manufacture state of the art, extremely high quality, hand crafted infant, toddler and preschool playground equipment designed to meet your unusual project needs. Give us a call at 1-877-897-0422 to discuss your unique project.

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Griffin - 11 Note Anodized Aluminum Chimes, Resonated, 2 Mallets
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Winther Small Red Tricycle
Product ID: WIN450
Winther Large Red Tricycle
Product ID: WIN452
Swingcart, Small - AGES 3-8
Product ID: WIN464
Twin Taxi
Product ID: WIN468
Tricart Pre-K and School Age Trike
Product ID: WIN469
Swingcart 'Arm Powered' School Age Rider
Product ID: WIN470
Easy Rider
Product ID: WIN479
Safety Scooter, Yellow
Product ID: WIN591
Contrabass Chimes
Product ID: FHP-CCH
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Imbarimba - 22 note resonated marimba, fiberglass bars, 2 mallets
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Pagoda Bells - 8 Stainless Steel Bells, 2 Mallets
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Swirl - 26 note resonated aluminum chimes, 2 mallets
Product ID: FHPSWRL-
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Freestanding Tic-Tac-Toe - in either Colors of Nature or Rainbow Party (Primary Colors)
Product ID: PGEC-PFS002
$1,089.99  $899.99
Ant Hill - Playful Party Cheerful Colors
Product ID: PGEC-PKP001P
$6,999.99  $6,199.99
Premium Rubber Playground Edge Ramp, 40''w x 8''d x 1.75''h
Product ID: NW550300
Melody - 9 note resonated Xylophone, aluminum bars, 2 mallets
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Hudson Yards - Colors of Nature (Natural)
Product ID: PGEC-PKP016N
$16,989.99  $14,999.99
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Hudson Yards - Rainbow Party (Primary Colors)
Product ID: PGEC-PKP016P
$16,989.99  $14,999.99
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Brooks Towers, Ages 5-12 years - Colors of Nature (Natural)
Product ID: PGEC-PKP019N
$34,999.99  $29,999.99
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Cadence - 13 note Tenor Marimba, Fiberglass Bars, 2 Mallets
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Aria - 9 note Xylophone, aluminum bars, 2 mallets
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Flower Box
Product ID: PTP11650
Merry Go Cycle - 5 Seat
Product ID: PTP11572
Mini Merry Go Cycle
Product ID: PTP11589
Mini Me Car
Product ID: PTP11648
Passenger Car
Product ID: PTP11563
Rocky Horse
Product ID: PTP11576
Funnel Ball Game
Product ID: PGEC-PFS011
Flowers Outdoor Instruments
Product ID: FHPFWR
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Muscle Beach 1 - Colors of Nature (Natural)
Product ID: PGEC-PKP022N
$9,399.99  $8,699.99
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Laugh 'n Spin Interactive Play Station, Colors of Nature
Product ID: PGEC-PKP025N
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Eagles Perch, Colors of Nature
Product ID: PGEC-PKP026N
$9,989.99  $8,989.99
Standard Butterfly Outdoor Musical Instruments - Youth thru Adults
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