Rainbow Trio Bongos, Wall Mount
Rainbow Trio Bongos, Wall Mount

Rainbow Trio Bongos, Wall Mount

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The perfect outdoor instrument for your early childhood program! The new space-saving wall mounted Rainbow Trio Bongos are a great way to introduce drumming and rhythm to toddlers and young children with lots of energy!

Ideally suited for nursery schools, pre-schools and kindergartens, these drums are easy to fix securely to a wall, fence or post and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Rainbow Bongos can be purchased on their own or with rainbow chimes and metallophone to make a colourful ensemble.

This wonderful drum set helps children improve hand to eye coordination, rhythm, and fine motor skills. They look great and sound even better.

Product Highlights

  • Small & Compact - great for little hands!
  • Colourful design, easy fixing and great sound
  • Increases gross and fine motor skills
  • Suitable for ADA Accessible Projects/Parks
  • Suitable for Inclusive Playgrounds

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