Sand and Water Table - Earth Tone Color Option
Sand and Water Table - Earth Tone Color Option

Sand and Water Table - Earth Tone Color Option

On sale: $449.99
Product ID:CEPSWT2


This is one of the very best designed, best built Sensory Tables ever! Since children learn about the world by direct sensory experiences, the Sand and Water Sensory Center is the perfect learning center. This all-in-one center is capable of multiple configurations, whether you want just sand, just water or both at the same time. The unit comes complete with a removable main tub that fills and empties with ease. With 2 lids.

    Key Features:
  • One main large tub and two Really Big Tubs ideal for many little hands and sensory items
  • Includes two lids for sand etching and keep contents clean and out of reach
  • ¼ turn drain with plug and hose to easily fill and empty
  • Removable leg extensions 18 high without and 24 with extension
  • 4 swivel total locking casters (which don't swivel while locked) with child safety covers for mobility, and to keep this unit in place
    Technical Specs
  • Frame Measures 30"L x 43''W x 18''H - 24''H
  • Really Big Tub Measures 25"L x 13.25"W x 6"D
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty
  • Lifetime Tub Warranty
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