School Age Cubbies and Coat Lockers

Classic Brands School Age Cubbies and Coat Lockers

Value cubbies and coat lockers to store coats and supplies with ease.

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Stacking Open Lockers - 4 Sections
Product ID: JON4687JC
Bench Locker - 5 Sections - Camel Cushion
Product ID: JON90935JC
$419.99  $369.99
Young Time  Stackable Locker with Doors
Product ID: JON7107YR441
$569.99  $519.99
Jonti-Craft 12 Cubbie Locker Storage
Product ID: JON3942JC
Young Time  Sectional Cubbie Storage
Product ID: JON70XXYX441
$659.50  $559.99
Stacking Lockable Lockers - 4 Sections - Single Stack
Product ID: JON4688JC
Mainstream Jumbo Cubbies for 6, 24''h (Front Unit in Photo)
Product ID: SF1054SA
Jonti-Craft 18 Cubbie Locker Storage
Product ID: JON3944JC
Take Home Center without Paper-Trays
Product ID: JON6680JC
Twin Trim Lockers - 16 Sections
Product ID: JON2686JC
Take Home Center with Clear Paper-Trays
Product ID: JON66790JC
Mainstream Jumbo Cubby Units for 12, 48''h
Product ID: SF1056SA
Stacking Lockable Lockers - Double Stack
Product ID: JON4696JC
Mainstream Jumbo Cubby Unit for 15, 60''h
Product ID: SF1057SA
School Age Divided Locker for 8  (6 Shown)
Product ID: SF1256SA
Big Twin - 30
Product ID: JON3915JC
Stacking Lockable Lockers - Triple Stack
Product ID: JON4697JC
Maple Jumbo Cubbies for 12, 48''w x 16''d x 48''h (Mainstream Show)
Product ID: SK1056SA