SchoolMate Personal Mono-Stereo Headphone, Leatherette
SchoolMate Personal Mono-Stereo Headphone, Leatherette

SchoolMate Personal Mono-Stereo Headphone, Leatherette

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The MS2L stereo headphones from Hamilton are a great choice for use
in schools. These ultra-affordable headphones allow you to eliminate
headphone sharing between children, reducing the spread of head lice. The
headphones come with a resealable bag, which kills lice within 48 hours
without chemicals. The headphones have an adjustable headband to fit any
head size, and the leatherette ear cushions provide comfortable listening.

The headphones can automatically detect whether they are plugged into a mono
or stereo audio source, so you can plug into any piece of equipment
without worry. The headphones have a standard 3.5mm mini plug and a 1/4"
adapter for use with all types of audio gear.

Designed to be an affordable solution to combat spread of head lice in
schools Medium gray color allows headphones to be written on for labelling
Heavy-duty resealable bag can be labelled with a student's name. When
sealed, the bag kills lice in 24-48 hours without the use of chemicals
Adjustable headband fits anyone Comfortable leatherette earpads Large
Cobalt magnet drivers for great sound quality Auto-detection of
mono/stereo source so you can connect to any system without worry Single-
sided cords reduces tangles Cable has a 3.5mm mini plug and a 1/4" adapter
for wide compatibility Great for use with cassette decks, CD players,
VCRs, boom boxes, computer equipment, and much more

Compatible with:
€iPods / iTouches / MP3 Players
€iPhones / Cell Phones
€iPads / Tablets / eReaders
€Computers (Mac & PC)
€CD Players / Stereos
€Most Gaming Systems
€Cassette Players
€Record Players

Additional Accessories:
€ 5079 - Refresh kit includes a replacement reclosable storage bag and two new
ear cushions
€ HygenX25 - Disposable sanitary ear cushion covers (Box of 50 Pair)

Prevent The Spread of Lice:
Built with kid's health and safety in mind, these headphones are designed to
combat the spread of head lice in schools. Each headphone comes in its own
heavy-duty, write-on, moisture resistant, reclosable bag. When sealed in
the bag, lice is killed in 24-48 hours without the use of chemicals.

Automatic Stereo/Mono Smart Technology:
Exclusive automatic stereo/mono technology that allows these headphones to be
used with virtually all school audio equipment. Never worry about
mismatching headphones between different sources and damaging ears or
equipment. No switches to set or special plug adapters to change - the
headphone knows if it is plugged into a stereo or mono system and
automatically adjusts! Operates in 1/8 stereo, 1/8mono, 1/4 stereo or
1/4 mono modes.

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