Septet Ensemble

Septet Ensemble

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Our biggest and most diverse arrangement, the Septet Ensemble features the greatest pitch range of any musical ensemble we have created, from the low C3 through 4 complete octaves to high C7.

Whether you're enthusiastic amateurs or accomplished musicians you'll be able to create beautiful music with this ensemble.

Play in a drumming circle as a group, build up a solo crescendo on the Colossus Chimes or play with up to 4 players simultaneously on the Papilio Bells. The complete ensemble also includes Large and Small Babel Drums, the Bell Lyre and Handpipes.

Pitch Range:

  • C3-C7

Suitable for:

  • All Ages

Wheelchair Accessibility:

  • Good

Ensemble Composition:

  • Bell Lyre, Babel Drum Small, Babel Drum Large, Colossus Chimes, Handpipes, Cajon (Set of 3), Papilio

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