Single Station Rower
Single Station Rower

Single Station Rower

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Product ID:PGEC-PFT002

Have you ever wondered why regular boat rowers have such amazing physiques? It is because rowing is the most complete exercise that works all your major muscles without the need for weights. That is what this Single Rower station from Qitele replicates. The Single Rower replicates the movement of rowing so you get a nice workout for your abs, back, biceps, as well as triceps. 

The rower is single person equipment meant for those who prefer exercising in an outdoor setting such as track or park. Like other Qitele products, you can be rest assured that this Single Rower will last a lifetime to give you the benefits of exercising. Submit a request for a Single Rower today and see for yourself.

Age Range:13-Adult

Unit Size:2' 9" long x 4' 8" 

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