Small HopSackers - Set of 6
Small HopSackers - Set of 6

Small HopSackers - Set of 6

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Sack racing gets a colorful (and educational) makeover with these tri-lingual numbered Hop Sackers. Turn racing into an ultra-fun (and educational) exercise with Sportime Large HopSackers. 

Each sack is built to accommodate a full standing body, has a flat base inside that keeps feet sturdy, and is designed for hopsack racing on a flat floor. Super stitch seams lend additional durability, while 2 handles on the sides allow users to hold on securely while jumping. Each of the 6 Hopsackers in this set are sequentially labeled from numbers 1 to 6 with bold numerals, dot sets showing that number amount, and the numeral word spelled out in English, Spanish, and French. Hopsackers in size Small each measure 11 x 11 x 25 inches. Made for children ages 12 and under.

  • Each numbered Hop Sacker combines literacy and visual learning with numeral, text, and graphic dots representing each number amount
  • Numbers spelled out in English, Spanish, and French can help students practice multi-lingual speech and literacy at early age
  • Super stitch seams, flat floor/base, and dual handles provide additional strength and safety to each Sacker
  • Hop Sacker set can complement physical education, language, math, and literacy classes in a fun and interactive way
Set of 6 Sacks with Handles Include:
  • Red "1" Tri-Lingual Numbered Hop Sacker
  • Yellow "2" Tri-Lingual Numbered Hop Sacker
  • Blue "3" Tri-Lingual Numbered Hop Sacker
  • Green "4" Tri-Lingual Numbered Hop Sacker
  • Purple "5" Tri-Lingual Numbered Hop Sacker
  • Orange "6" Tri-Lingual Numbered Hop Sacker

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