Smoothie Chair - DuraFLEX
Smoothie Chair - DuraFLEX

Smoothie Chair - DuraFLEX

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The Smoothie Chair blends into any environment....yes, even the museum of antique sewing machines. Well, maybe not there! If it were up to us this chair would be everywhere. This chair has no stitched seams and no hidden pockets that harbor bacteria and other gross things. This chair is completely smooth and its easy to wipe down with soap & water or common cleaners and disinfectants. The DuraFLEX outer shell in non-porous and waterproof. Spills are easily wiped up and nothing passes through the flexible outer shell and into the foam core. This is made with super heavy duty commercial grade materials. The seat is not nearly as squishy as your sofa at home. The chair is very supportive and will last for many years in high traffic environments.

The bottom of the Smoothie Chair has a solid base with fixed legs. There is also an option for caster wheels with brakes if you want the ability to easily move the chair and reconfigure your space.

The bottom of this chair is finished with a 1/8" thick sheet of HDPE plastic that is highly tamper resistant. Then we secure the legs or casters. The Smoothie chair might look simple and clean. A closer look reveals the heavy duty materials and robust construction.

A single Smoothie Chair is 23" wide. The added width gives plenty of elbow room when these chairs are arranged in a line. A metal ganging bracket is also an option if you desire to temporarily gang units in a line and want to make sure they don't move out of line.

Available in these heights:

  • With 1" Height Fixed Legs:
  • With 2" Height Fixed Legs:
  • With 1.75" Caster Wheels w/Brakes:

Item # 15501B-165: Smoothie Chair DuraFLEX 16.5" Height, 78 lbs Item # 15501B-175: Smoothie Chair DuraFLEX 17.5" Height, 78 lbs Item # 15501B-1725C: Smoothie Chair DuraFLEX 17.25" Height, 79 lbs Traffic Blue Pure Orange Signal Red Signal Violet Light Blue Gentian Blue Anthracite Grey Light Grey Lime Green Pure Green

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