Snug Play, Expert Kit
Snug Play, Expert Kit

Snug Play, Expert Kit

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SnugPlay systems are comprised of loose parts play components that are completely moveable, and inspire children to play in more ways than ever before. The Expert system engages the largest number of children and includes the important elements of the Mound and Compact Loop, which are used in a variety of ways for children from Pre-K to Upper Elementary. It’s the ideal system for the full Snug Play experience.

Snug Play is a new approach to play spaces that allows children of all ages to play to their own ability. With no right or wrong way to play, children can create a dynamic play space that stimulates spontaneous play and cooperation as they create endless configurations. Requiring no installation, the Snug Play elements combine soft and rigid surfaces for a tactile play experience that can be used indoors or outside.

Kit includes:
Items Quantity
Wave: 8
Bump: 4
Cog: 2
Loop: 1
Wall: 4
Cone: 2
Noodle: 50
Pad: 2
Spider: 2
Mound: 1

Capacity: 60-80 kids
Space Required: 40' x 40' / 1,600 Sq. Ft.
Weight: 1,242 lbs.

Click Play below to watch Children in Action with Snug Play.

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