The Hidden Temple, Use Zone 35' x 54' 11"
The Hidden Temple, Use Zone 35' x 54' 11'

The Hidden Temple, Use Zone 35' x 54' 11"

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Children will be kept busy with this fun and elaborate play structure. The Hidden Temple play structure is colorful and made up of different fun filled levels. 

Younger and smaller children can play on the lower levels; using the elephant stairs, they can get on the lower level and then slide down a double slide or right turn slide. More adventurous children can climb up to the second level where they can slide down a spiral slide. Daredevil children can scale the covered incline bones bridge to the highest level, once up there they can slide down a spiral tube slide. Below the highest level is another low level that doesn't connect to the rest of the structure. 

Children can climb a paw print climber to get on this level then have fun sliding down a double right turn slide. Roofs on The Hidden Temple play structure provide shade from the sun and a variety of fun panels allow children many opportunities for play. This structure is designed for children 5-12 years of age.

The Hidden Temple
Child Capacity 72-83
Fall Height 9'
Use Zone 35' X 54' 11"
Age Appropriate 5-12
Post Diameter 5.0-Inch

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