Toddler Room 8 VOS System

Toddler Room 8 VOS System

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Product ID:TM60T8A

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This 'Vertical Organized Storage" System provides endless storage options without taking a lot of floor area by utilizing the existing wall space in your room. Combine the spacious wall units and floor units to create just the right setting and then top it off with tall teacher storage units for maximum efficiency. Available in Maple or Cherry.

  • 1 x TM6014A: Toddler Shelf Storage
  • 2 x TM6062A: 4 Section Single Sided Toddler Locker
  • 3 x TM6071A: 24" Tall Wall Storage - w/Doors
  • 1 X TM6075A: 36" Tall Wall Storage - w/Doors
  • 2 x TM6078A: 24" Tall Wall Storage - Open

Overall Dimensions: 9'-3" W x 6'-11" H x 1'2"D

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