Value Stack™ Chairs - Multiple Heights and Colors
Value Stack™ Chairs - Multiple Heights and Colors

Value Stack™ Chairs - Multiple Heights and Colors

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This is easily the highest quality all plastic chair we have found anywhere! Value Stack™ Chairs are very durable and built to last with no exposed hardware and no sharp edges. It's perfect to use as a classroom chair, along with numerous other uses.

The rugged, easy to clean chair is the ideal solution for a busy child care. The light texturing of this chair allows you to clean it - no more scrub brushes and power washing, which only partially cleans many plastic chairs with metal legs. The one piece design eliminates pinch points and crevices where food, paint and other gunk may get stuck. 

The stable, wide leg design helps prevent children from leaning back and rocking in the chair. The high sides prevent young children from sliding off the side of the chair.

The protective boots help prevent sliding reduce noise and eliminate rust (as often occurs on chairs with metal legs). This wonderful chair is lightweight and easy for the children to maneuver. It pairs perfectly with the MyValue™ Tables. 

Value Stack™ Chairs accommodate up to 100 lbs. All chair sizes can be stacked together. Lifetime warranty (manufacturing defects).

Some previous colors are being eliminated by the manufacturer, the colors available are in the drop down menu above. We may have other colors in stock, so please contact us if you prefer a different color.

Select either Natural Tan, Shamrock Green, Royal Blue or Candy Apple Red. Choose from heights of 5" Chair (Infant-Match up with 12"h MyValue™ Table), 7" Chair (Infant/Young Toddler-Matches 14"h MyValue™ Table), 9" Chair (Toddler- matches either16"h or 18"h MyValue™ Table), 11" Chair (Preschool-Matches 20" MyValue™ Table& 13" (Older Prek/Kindergarten-Matches 22"h MyValue™ Table). 

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