Weplay Linkits - 95 Pieces
Weplay Linkits - 95 Pieces

Weplay Linkits - 95 Pieces

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Weplay Linkits are building blocks made from high quality EVA foam. There are 5 colors in the set: red, yellow, green, orange, and blue. The unique center column cylinders in each block can be removed by simply twisting or pushing them out. 

This simulation allows children to learn to open jar lids and door knobs. Linkits encourage creativity! Each set comes with a detailed poster that gives kids ideas for things they can build to get their imaginations started.

Functions: builds 2-D and 3-D creative concepts, enhances muscle stability in hands, helps build grip strength, encourages teamwork, and peer interaction. Each set comes with 95 pieces: 5 of each color - full blocks, 2 of each color - blocks, and 12 of each color - cylinders. They are aroma free and non-toxic.

Ages: 2 years & up.

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