Weplay Rainbow River Stone
Weplay Rainbow River Stone

Weplay Rainbow River Stone

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The Weplay Rainbow River Stones emphasize nature with the flow and randomness to mimic real river stones. There are three different sizes of river stones to suit the needs of growing children and to allow many creative route designs. It is highly recommended to have children take their shoes and socks off to increase the safety and stability of the game. It also ensures the exposure of the sole of the foot to the textured stone surface to stimulate sensory development.

  • This activity helps children learn to adapt to the environment through game experiences while improving self-confidence and reaction capacity.
  • It improves the ability to concentrate and enhances the stimulation of vestibular balance and promotes movement coordination.
  • This activity improves one's action planning ability while also activating muscle development.

This item can be connected to either of the Wavy Tactile Paths by using the Connectors set. Each Rainbow River Stone requires 3 connectors in order to keep its balance when connected to the path.

Components: Large (2 pcs.) Diameter 16" - Maximum Stone Height 5", Medium (2 pcs.) Diameter 14" - Maximum Stone Height 6", Small (2 pcs.) Diameter 11" - Maximum Stone Height 3", Maximum Height w/3 Stacked Stones: approx. 11.5". Maximum Weight: 176 lbs. Ages: 3 years & up.

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