Weplay Sand and Water Table, Clear

Weplay Sand and Water Table, Clear

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Product ID:WPKT2001-00C

The Weplay Sand & Water Table is a fully mobile sensory station. Wheels are attached to two of the legs to make it easy to move. All of the legs are adjustable to suit the height of the children using it. The tub is lightweight and can be lifted out to make cleaning easy. The tub's lid fits snuggly and easily on top of the tub to keep sensory items covered. It can also be flipped over and used as a shallow play area or a writing or drawing surface when it is filled with sand. 

The included lid becomes a storage shelf when placed underneath the tub on the rack. If using liquids in the tub, the draining flow can be controlled by the drainage plug. The table allows for numerous activities that stimulates a child's sense of touch by learning the different characteristics of sand, water or other sensory items. It also promotes sharing and interaction among children.

Dimensions: 35" x 25" x 17" - 23". Participants: 4-6 people. Ages: 2.5 years & up.

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