Windsor Castle, Use Zone 38' 6" x 45' 5"
Windsor Castle, Use Zone 38' 6' x 45' 5'

Windsor Castle, Use Zone 38' 6" x 45' 5"

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This regal play structure will allow children endless hours of majestic fun. No enemies will be able to penetrate the castle from the front where straight, wave, and triple slides jut out of panels molded to look like stone castle walls.

Kings, queens, and jesters can enter the castle from behind the curved Windsor Castle play structure by climbing a snake, spiral, or pod climber. In the event of an invasion all the king's horses and all the king's men can make a quick escape down a spiral slide that can be accessed by climbing some stairs attached to the back of the structure. The Windsor Castle play structure walls hold secrets for curious princes and princesses to discover such as; castle, mushroom, bubble, clock, and plane panels, among other fun things. Tic tac toe panels provide a playful opportunity to see who really is the king of the castle.

This structure is designed for children 5-12 years of age.

Windsor Castle
Child Capacity107-122
Fall Height 8'
Use Zone38' 6" X 45' 5"
Age Appropriate2-5
Post Diameter3.5-Inch

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