Winther Large Red Tricycle
Winther Large Red Tricycle

Winther Large Red Tricycle

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This tricycle is equipped with a large front wheel, which allows slightly older children to really use their strength. Millions of children world wide have proven it's worth. They love riding it, you and your staff will love the durability! This trike really withstands the test of time! 

Winther has been manufacturing their world class commercial tricycles for child care programs and others since 1932. Their superior craftsmanship, top quality materials and attention to every detail has helped Winther to become a global leader in the manufaturing of  tricycles. 

 Harmonious, safe design with no sharp edges. Strong, oval-shaped tires ensure maximum strength. Rubber stops to ensure children do not get fingers caught. Spokeless wheels with solid rubber tires. Strong, non-slip pedals. Solid one-piece steel crank.
For older preschoolers and school age children ages 4 - 8 years.
  •  Effective rust protection and impact-resistant powder coating that will last for many years
  •  Develops and improves coordination and motor skills
  •  Weather-resistant rubber seat. Solid rubber handlebar grips 
  • Seat height -17 inch
  •  34.25"L x 22.84"W x 27.2"H

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