World of Wonder Infant Toddler Fitness and Learning Center
World of Wonder Infant Toddler Fitness and Learning Center

World of Wonder Infant Toddler Fitness and Learning Center

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World of Wonder is the next generation of play for your infant and toddler yard! This is the most exciting, well thought out, play structure ever developed for infants & toddlers. It combines every safety element imaginable. Strictly for Kids, the industry leader in infant & toddler play equipment & furnishings, is introducing this exciting system as part of Phase Three in the evolution of age appropriate, developmental play equipment, for children between the ages of 6-23 months.

Phase 1: Set new industry standards by providing superior play equipment that is safe, with state of the art age & developmentally appropriate learning features & challenges throughout.

Phase 2: Provide transitional equipment designed with numerous handrails, handles & features throughout, which aid crawlers developing to the stage of walking. These features encourage the children to grasp, pull themselves up to a standing position, learn to balance, then begin taking steps. We have positioned hand holds throughout the structures, which provides cruising rails for balance, as the children transition from one play event to the next.

Phase 3: Provide features which promote extreme movement & motion to aid in the fight against obesity. By strategically placing play events throughout the environment, the equipment becomes a full fitness training course. Children are encouraged to reach or step up, down, turn, bend, stretch, hang, slide, push/pull, spin, & more. By adding 200-500+ extra movements & motions throughout each day, in addition to normal play, the child will develop physically & emotionally at an accelerated rate. Promoting a vigorous workout at this early stage can help to provide a healthy foundation for the future of every child. This mammoth, whimsically designed unit includes very large platforms, extra wide openings with spacious bridges, & easy access points for adult access to all areas.

The fully enclosed design features throughout eliminate potential fall points: all children must use the access & exit features as they were intended. The right end includes a crawl ramp, low extra deep steps with a landing, 1-8"h deck, 2-16"h decks, 1-arch bridge & other features which allow crawlers safe access & stimulating challenges. As the children develop, the play stations towards the middle, then the left end, become more advanced, the heights of platforms & bridges become slightly higher & the developmental learning challenges become more intense. Numerous windows, bubbles & openings are placed throughout the entire system for maximum supervision. The additional skylights & chimneys allow for plenty of natural solar lighting to flow through the interior. The large outdoor deck with built in benches is the perfect complement to the warm, homelike atmosphere. Developmental Benefits: This state of the art system supports numerous early developmental skills, such as gross & fine motor skills, eye/hand coordination, tactile & visual perceptual skills, sensorial, cognitive & creative play skills.

It assists with learning personal & social emotional skills, cooperative play development, expressive/receptive language skills, confidence building, self awareness, problem solving & dramatic cause & effect. It aids in the development of depth perception, object & spatial recognition, balance skills & supports mobility for crawlers transitioning to walking.

This playground requires a 40' x 28' use zone if used in a limited access area, or a 46' x 34' use zone in an unlimited access area. A limited access area must be a separate, supervised play yard, such as a childcare with a fenced in infant/toddler yard, whereas all children in this area are younger than 2 years.

This Cutting Edge Fitness Center includes:
  • Sensory Table w/Cover.
  • 2 Steering Wheels.
  • 4 Mirrors.
  • 2 Shapes Spinners.
  • 3 Smiley Face Spinners.
  • 4 Illusion Spinners.
  • 4 Flower Spinners.
  • 3 Star Spinners.
  • 3 Tracking Rails.
  • Shapes Spinner Station.
  • Horizontal Spinning Shapes Rod.
  • Lift/Spin & Drop Shapes Pole.
  • Stretch 'n Hang Bar.
  • 8"h Scoot n Slide.
  • 16"h Double Slide
  • 20"h Slide.
  • 24"h double Slide.
  • See-Through Ball Drop Maze House.


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