Cajon - Order Individually or Save on the Set of 3 Cajon Outdoor Drums
Cajon - Order Individually or Save on the Set of 3 Cajon Outdoor Drums

Cajon - Order Individually or Save on the Set of 3 Cajon Outdoor Drums

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Cajon - by Percussion Play is perfect for outdoor performances but can double up as a seating solution, they are an attractive, extremely durable and hard wearing outdoor drum. Cajon (pronounced Ka-hon) means "box" or "crate" originating from Peru and usually made from plywood - This more modern twist however has a resonating box made from stainless steel for all year outdoor use. 

Stainless steel is anti-allergenic and has enhanced corrosion resistance making it suitable for aggressive atmospheric environments. All our products made from stainless steel are extremely low maintenance but must be kept clean for a long material life. To keep your product looking its best, simply wipe clean with a mild detergent and rinse with clean cold water. All cleaning solutions including acid based (except hydrochloric acid) are suitable, as long as thoroughly rinsed with clean water afterwards. Stainless steel polish can be used should you wish to cover any blemishes which may be caused over the years, either by misuse or accidental damage. Stainless steel is very low maintenance but in external areas it is recommended to be checked for blemishes or surface scratches –

It is responsive and easy to play. It has an in-built snare at the top and a low bass sound around the middle. The Cajon is perfect for impromptu outdoor street performances. 

Several Cajons situated together to form the perfect Drum Circle, where teenagers can hang out and have fun making some great music together while getting a few shots for Instagram! These outdoor drums are perfect for street scenes and less supervised areas where other outdoor musical instruments would not stand up to the harsh environment.

Select your installation method of either In Ground, Extended, or Surface Mount Footers. The Extended Footers are used for installing into loose fill materials, such as sand or engineered wood, or where the instrument’s ground fixings need to reach below the frost depth during a freeze.

Important Note: Cajons should be positioned to minimize sun exposure, either underneath shade or at an angle facing away from the sun. If placed in direct sunlight they may become hot enough to cause contact burn injuries. Alternatively, you may consider the Cajun Deluxe Edition which includes a thick solid hardwood seat - ideal for sunny locations or for those who like to drum in a little more comfort.

Product Highlights

  • Doubles as a seating solution
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Wide range of sounds
  • Popular for all ages
  • Cajun Deluxe Edition also available

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