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CPSC compliant cribs for daycare centers, childcare centers and hotel use

All of our cribs meet and/or exceed the following new requirements for commercial cribs:

CPSC Standards

All commercial childcare cribs must meet CPSC standard 16 CFR 1219 (full size cribs) or 16 CFR 1220 (compact cribs)

Extra Weight Resistance

CPSC requires 80 lbs placed on the posture board during its durability testing.

ASTM 2710 requires that 180 lbs be placed on the postureboard for the same testing.

Evacuation Crib Threshold Test

ASTM 2710 requires that a crib be loaded with 180 lbs (82 kg) of weight,passed over the same width gap 500 times without the caster rotating and getting lodged into the gap. In addition to rolling freely over the gap, crib components may not become separated. This is 100 lbs greater than the static load test required by CPSC.

More Stringent TestingIn addition to the above requirements, ASTM 2710 requires a crib to withstand impacts and abuses many times greater than what will be encountered in actual usage.

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Evacuation Protocal Training Sign
Product ID: FD1964006
Nylon Cover For LA Baby Folding Cribs Model Numbers LA82, LA882 & LA883
Product ID: LABD-82-882-883
LA Baby 2
Product ID: LAP2156C
Best Value Compact Crib Mattress - 2
Product ID: LAP3505V
LA Baby 2
Product ID: LAP3505V
Crib Saver Compact Size Crib Cover
Product ID: FD4032156
Crib Saver Full Size Crib Cover
Product ID: FD4012156
SnugFresh Crib Ribbons
Product ID: FD6911036
Crib Saver Compact Crib Cover for StowAway Compact Cribs
Product ID: FD97NNT2
Crib Saver Compact Crib Cover for Pinnacle Compact Cribs
Product ID: FD97NNT1
Crib Saver Full Size Crib Cover for Pinnacle Full Size Cribs
Product ID: FD95NNT1
Steel Crib Evacuation Caster Kit
Product ID: FD1965202
Evacuation Route Kit
Product ID: FD1963006
Professional Series Mattress - Choose Size
Product ID: FD644x012
Bunkie Fitted Crib Sheet - 6 Pack
Product ID: BUNFSNF-x-6
LA Baby 3
Product ID: LAP3506V
SnugFresh Crib Cover
Product ID: FD6901037
Evacuation Kit for Bristol Compact Crib
Product ID: CCF99041.18
Not for Sale.
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LA Baby Poly-Cotton Fitted Sheets for Compact Cribs - 6 Pack
Product ID: LABD371019-6
LA Baby Cotton Fitted Sheets for Compact Cribs - 6 Pack
Product ID: LABD370219-6
LA Baby Poly-Cotton Fitted Sheets for Full Sized Cribs - 6 Pack
Product ID: LABD371410-6
Evacuation Frame for Foundations Next Gen Serenity Compact Cribs
Product ID: FD1962079
Drawer for LA Baby Window Cribs
Product ID: LAWC526DRW5N
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Foundations EZ Store Drawer with MagnaSafe Latch
Product ID: FD4036042
Porta Crib Mattress for WB9500 Series
Product ID: WB112-766
Evacuation Frame for Specified LA Baby Compact Wooden Cribs
Product ID: LAWC504EVA
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Sleep 'N Store Travel Yard with Bassinet
Product ID: FD2353227
SnugFresh  Elite Play Yard Portable Crib with  Cover
Product ID: FD1556287
Elastic Fitted Safety Sheets for Compact Cribs, White, Set of 12
Product ID: FDFSNFWH-12
The Cribyard - Blue
Product ID: LA89
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The Cribyard - Green
Product ID: LA87-GN
The Cribyard with Locking Wheels
Product ID: LA87-LF
SnugFresh Celebrity Travel Yard with Cover, Choice of Colors
Product ID: FD1456037
Bunkie Replacement Mattress - Set of 2
Product ID: BUNMC1
The Original Holiday Evacuation Crib
Product ID: LA82
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Travel Sleeper® Commercial Compact Folding Wood Crib
Product ID: FD2731040
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