Deluxe Mud Kitchen Island with Stainless Sinks
Deluxe Mud Kitchen Island with Stainless Sinks

Deluxe Mud Kitchen Island with Stainless Sinks

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It will make you say... "Why didn't mud pies taste this good when I was growing up?"

The Children will love making real mud pies on their very own stove, you just supply the dirt and a small container of water. The large shelf underneath the stove/sink countertop provides plenty of space for children to both do a bit of baking and to store supplies, such as pots & pans, cookie cutters, rolling pins, dishes, decorative rocks, pebbles, sticks, flowers, and other pie-making accessories and nature materials.

This wonderful Mud Kitchen Island accommodates four to six(+) children and provides a creative outlet for young aspiring chefs seeking to explore their environment using the materials provided by nature.

This large mud play island set is the most complete and well built outdoor playground unit ever. Well crafted from Recycled Plastic Lumber and HDPE Plastic Panels with real turning knobs. The four stainless sinks are removable for easy clean up. The four oversized burners add a charming element to the outdoor dramatic play environment. This is a great addition for all Playgrounds and Natural Playgrounds.

It is accessible to children of all ages and ability levels. The Mud Kitchen Island is an inclusive and engaging outdoor classroom solution which will hold up to many years of imaginative play adventure, as the children develop their socialization and culinary skills!

USE ZONE: 15’9”L X 14’6”W
DIMENSIONS: 3’9”L X 2’6”W X 2’1”H

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