Flower Petal Drums, Order individually or save on the complete set of 4!
Flower Petal Drums, Order individually or save on the complete set of 4!

Flower Petal Drums, Order individually or save on the complete set of 4!

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These new larger than life Flower Petal Drums inspired by the natural world will be sure to create a striking focal point and add year-round interest to music parks, sensory gardens, and playgrounds.

Expanding our collection of instruments inspired by the botanical world, we've taken one of our most popular products the Babel Drum - the sweet-sounding stainless steel tongue drum – and given it a floral upgrade. With designs based on the Sunflower, Forget-Me-Not, Daisy, and Poppy these curvaceous Petal Drums are charmingly simple, instantly recognizable, and sure to brighten up outdoor spaces through the winter months and beyond. Each instrument measures approximately 42-1/2"h, and Extended Footers may be ordered, at no extra cost,  from the drop down menu above.

Each ‘Petal Drum’ contains a small 6-note Babel Drum (steel tongue drums) encased with appropriately shaped aluminum ‘petals’, securely mounted to a stainless-steel frame. The Drum is precision-tuned and fabricated with a particular scale, and the whole instrument is given a highly durable and water-proof powder coated finish.

The Babel Drum within the flowers are steel tongue drums - percussion instruments that rely on the oscillation of cut ‘tongues’ of different sizes to create the notes of a scale. Each 'Petal Drum' has a different sound as they have been tuned to different scales - so you can choose your favorite or collect them all. Adding a hint of happy to any space, these instruments look and sound great on their own or with any combination of our instruments. A smart choice if you are wanting to add a sensory and inclusive dynamic quickly and simply to your outdoor space or playground.

Playing your Petal Drum could not be easier and anyone of any age, or any musical ability can play them. They require no training – it is as simple as picking up a mallet, striking the notes and beginning to create beautiful music in the great outdoors.

Each Petal Drum is supplied with two soft, flexible mallets specifically designed to produce delightfully soothing and uplifting tones. However, as with all Babel Drums they can also be played with just the hands, fingers, or thumbs. For beginners or first-time players mallets will be the easier choice.

You can play slow or fast rhythms; however, the ideal tone is accessed when the instrument is played gently, moving the mallet or hand away quickly so as not to stop the sounding of the notes too early. Soft contact, and quick release is the key to producing the very best sounds from your Petal Drum.

They are incredibly versatile! Select from the following, or save when you order the complete set of all four:

Poppy Petal Drum - A Akebono (A-B-C-E-F-A)

The Poppy is a flower that represents so much and with its classic poppy red petals and central black drum this instrument will stand out both in terms of look and sound. Adding a Poppy Petal Drum to your outdoor space is a sure-fire way to make a lasting impression.

Poppies are a well-known and well-established symbol for remembrance the world over. Sold by veteran's associations, including the American and British Legions, to commemorate civilians and military personnel who lost their lives in wars and to raise money for servicemen and servicewomen and their families. 

Additional information about our Poppy Petal Drum:
  • A Akebono is a traditional and well known Japanese scale with a distinct oriental sound. Easy and intuitive to learn and ideal for improvisation and constructing melodies
  • Like the popular wildflower, our Poppy Drum is robust and hardy
  • Soft mallets provided to produce gentle, ethereal sounds
  • Red poppies are often linked to remembrance and hope

Forget-Me-Not Petal Drum - C Major Pentatonic (C4 D E G A C5)

Our Forget-Me-Not Petal Drum with vivid-blue aluminum petals with central yellow babel drum will add an appeal to any outdoor area from parks and playgrounds to sensory or healing gardens.

The Forget-Me-Not is linked to memory and remembrance and is the recognized emblem for dementia-friendly environments, communities, and hospitals.

Additional information about our Forget-Me-Not Petal Drum:

  • C Major Pentatonic is a very distinct, pleasant-sounding scale that, despite ancient origins, is as fresh and useful in improvisation today as it has ever been
  • Unlike the real thing, our Forget-Me-Not Drum will bloom all year
  • Soft mallets provided to produce gentle, ethereal sounds
  • Forget-Me-Nots are a symbol of faithfulness, true love, and remembrance

Sunflower Petal Drum - C Pygmy (C-D-Eb-G-Bb-C)

Sunflowers radiate pure joy and with bright, yellow petals and a central black drum, this cheerful ‘Sunflower Drum’ will turn heads and add sunshine to your outdoor space. 

Additional information about our Sunflower Petal Drum:

  • Originating in African culture, the Pygmy scale is a form of Dorian mode (a mode being halfway between a minor and a major scale). Gentle and sweet, its sound inspires introspection and meditation.
  • Unlike the towering real thing, our Sunflower Drum will remain the perfect height for intended players
  • Soft mallets provided to produce gentle, ethereal sounds
  • Sunflowers symbolize unwavering faith and unconditional love

  • Daisy Petal Drum - A-Minor (A-C-D-E-G-A)

    Our Daisy Drum sports a classic yellow center in the form of a babel drum, surrounded by white aluminum petals. Daisies are always sunny and cheerful and this petal drum with its happy notes will guarantee smiles.

    Additional information about our Daisy Petal Drum:
    • The A-Minor Pentatonic scale is one of the most widely used scales of all and common in blues, pop, and rock music. It is easy to learn and essential when improvising in a blues style.
    • Like the resilient little flower, our Daisy Drum will brighten up the dullest mood
    • Soft mallets provided to produce gentle, ethereal sounds
    • Daisies symbolize new beginnings and innocence

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