LIQUIDATION - QUICK SALE! Only $19.99 per Gallon in 8 packs (.15 cents per oz.) with Free Shipping! (Only 2 pallets left). Hand Sanitizer° - Liquid Hand Rub, Extremely Potent 80% Formulation
LIQUIDATION - QUICK SALE! Only $19.99 per Gallon in 8 packs (.15 cents per oz.) with Free Shipping! (Only 2 pallets left). Hand Sanitizer™ - Liquid Hand Rub, Extremely Potent 80% Formulation

LIQUIDATION - QUICK SALE! Only $19.99 per Gallon in 8 packs (.15 cents per oz.) with Free Shipping! (Only 2 pallets left). Hand Sanitizer° - Liquid Hand Rub, Extremely Potent 80% Formulation

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If you want a serious - No Nonsense Hand Sanitizer, this is what you're searching for! 

LIQUIDATION - QUICK SALE! Regularly $58.49 ea, NOW AT $24.99 ea in 8 packs, we cover the shipping! (Only 2 pallets left). 

Stay safe with this refreshing and strong hand sanitizer perfect for spraying on hands.  Froggy's Simply Sanitizer is about the lowest priced hand sanitizer available (as low as .17 cents per oz. in bulk).  It is sourced and made in the USA and contains only the highest quality ingredients. 

Froggy's Simply Sanitizer is a FDA approved liquid to keep the alcohol content at the 80% recommended by WHO. It is a fragrance-free formula that will keep your hands nourished and it kills 99.9% of All Germs. It is made for use when soap and water are not available. 

It was originally manufactured for use in hospitals, medical professionals and the U.S. military to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic. This super strength formulation is now available to everyone.  

This is a liquid formula and not a gel based formula. This allows for quicker and more even application and is what would typically be used by hospitals or medical facilities. It is watery and designed to give more complete coverage while getting under fingernails and hard to reach areas.  It is recommended for use in a Spray bottle.

Are you concerned with what is going into your sanitizer? Froggy's Simply Sanitizer is designed to be effective and efficient. As such, they have avoided some of the unnecessary and potentially problematic ingredients found in most over the counter products - this is pure, raw sanitation. This sanitizer complies with all World Health Organization guidelines for hand sanitizer. 

Froggy's is putting efficacy and safety first, which means things like "feel" and "scent" take a back seat. So be aware, at 80% ethynol alcohol, the scent is strong when it goes on! This scent goes away quickly as it dries. Glycerin has been added as a moisturizer.

You may wish to mix in about 1/2 oz. per gallon of essential oil to help nullify the odor when you first put this on.  We recommend peppermint, which is what we use. Please see the following notes regarding how this product may differ from store bought lotions or sanitizers before ordering. 


This hand sanitizer does have a distinctive smell. This is due to the fact that they have to use 80% denatured Ethyl alcohol. Isopropyls are not readily available during this crisis. Denatured alcohol has an added scent to deter the consumption of the grain alcohol. This is regulated by Law. While Froggy's has to conform to WHO recommendations, you may wish to add your own essential oils to neutralize the odor successfully. We are not permitted to distribute with any other additives mixed in, due to the rare possibility of a user being allergic to these additives. We do offer essential oils separately, so you can mix it in yourself.

This liquid formulation is designed to be sprayed from a bottle onto hands. When used this way the odor dissipates when the alcohol evaporates. Opening a gallon of chemicals can be somewhat odorous when filling these bottles. Froggy's Simply Sanitizer™ is a tool, and it's designed for a specific purpose none of which is as a fragrance or cosmetic. It is designed, when used correctly, to replace soap and water when not available to help eliminate germs that can lead to illness.

There is no way to guarantee that any chemical at this point will kill the COVID-19, this is due to the lack of testing available due to it being a new strain. We can only base the effectiveness on similar viruses and what can be used to combat them. This amount has been set to anything at 80%+ alcohol by the World Health Organization (WHO).

YES! Froggy's is a distributor of USP Food Grade Glycerin's and Glycol's. This is the ingredient in Hand Sanitizers that act as a moisturizer for skin. It is similar to the hand sanitizers you would have in dispensers around cruise ships, theme parks and hospitals.

The lowdown on Froggy's Simply Sanitizer:

  • Hand Sanitizer Liquid Formula with 80%+ Alcohol
  • FDA,CDC and WHO Compliant Hand Sanitizer
  • Normally Ships in 1 to 3 Days
  • 1 Gallon Size - NDC Code: 75682-376-01
  • 1 Gallon Provides Approximately 1200+ Applications (3ml per application)
  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL- No Returns or Refunds


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