Genius Maker Musical Bongos Panel by Playground Prodigy
Standard Panel - Rainbow Party Colors - In Ground Mount

Genius Maker Musical Bongos Panel by Playground Prodigy

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This sleek, ultra-durable Musical Bongos Panel set will have all the children marching to the beat of a different drummer, as they take their turn playing this exciting outdoor musical drum set.  This is the ideal set of drums to complement your outdoor musical playground, sensory musical garden, musical park or any commercial outdoor play environment.

Playground Prodigy has made some major improvements to their Genius Maker Musical Bongos and these Bongos are now offered with a Play Panel. Now both the panel, bongo tubes and their caps are made from extremely durable 100% recyclable High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is over 10x's more impact resistant than most other brands. You can hit these bongos with a hammer and they will rarely break, which means the children can really bang out some tunes and you know they will be safe. 

The Genius Maker Musical Bongos Panel features 3 different size and diameter bongo drums mounted on an extremely heavy duty HDPE panel which can be ordered to attach directly to a wall or sturdy fence, or on a pair of posts to be cemented into the ground. Easy to play, great sounding and a very durable product. Each of the three bongo sizes play different tones and have been mounted at an angle to accommodate easier play. 

Select the mounting option, either a wall mount version, or an in ground mounting option with T-Slot Alu-Posts (aluminum). The posts are finished in Slate Grey, ASTM compliant and include a post cap at the top. These new posts allow for multiple configurations, when added to other Genius Maker Musical Panels with Alu-Posts, due to the T-slots being positioned at 45 degree intervals. 

The Bongos and Panels arrive pre-assembled, the set with posts requires a very simple attachment to each post. The Standard Wall Mount Bongos Panel Set measures 31-1/2"W x 14-1/3"D x 23-1/2"H and the Deluxe Wall Mount set is 31-1/2"W x 14-1/3"D x 32-1/3"H. The In Ground Mount Panels with Alu-Posts are both approximately 44"h once assembled. These wonderful bongos are recommended for ages 2 years & older.

Product Features:
  • NEW Ultra-durable bongo tops
  • Great sound
  • Angled mounting for easier play
  • Easy to play
  • No mallets or beaters required
  • ASTM Compliant
  • Includes aluminum T-Slot post

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