Happy Hollow Infant & Toddler Playground Structure
Children Playing on Happy Hollow Infant & Toddler Playground

Happy Hollow Infant & Toddler Playground Structure

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The Happy Hollow is an interactive playhouse bursting with possibilities in active play, sensory stimulation, motor skill development and imaginative play, that will flourish with your little ones as they grow. Whether slipping mail through the mailbox, playing a song on the snail drum, or ascending the rock climber to slide down the leaves, children will make memories with friends and gain essential early learning skills.

There is a garden full of possibilities for little ones in Happy Hollow!  Infants and Toddlers will squeal in delight at the whimsical, botanical wonder that awaits them. Forest friends hide under leaves, rest on vines and even hang to the side of the cheerfully colored playhouse.

The Happy Hollow is designed with the utmost safety and learning in mind and a sprinkle of challenge. Young learners from 6 months up to 23 months will be stimulated by the number of sensory activities around them.

Bertie the Bluebird will assist children to build fine motor skills while turning the hand crank under the vine. Carl the Caterpillar allows children to experience kinesthetic and auditory stimulation while grasping the set of color coordinated rings then moving to the sound of gentle clanks as the rings hit one another.       

Ferah the Firefly will light up their eyes with excitement whenever the brightly colored beads dance as her body spins. Marty the Sensory Mushroom will delight them with a variety of textures and patterns in each of his spots. Bella the Butterfly offers a chance to work on their fine motor skills with each of the easy to grip pegs that can be slid through the intricate pattern on her wings.

The children will continue to be fascinated by the clicking of  Lily Lady Bug as she turns. The children will love the slopped leaves that make up the Leaf Slides. The Mailbox with Chimes provides a cheerful metallic sound as the levers are pulled. The children's joy will be unmatched when they discover that they can slide items through the mail slot to a waiting friend. The Happy Hollow will bring smiles to the faces of all those that play under its shade.

The Happy Hollow is ideal for 6-23 months and *meets the safety requirements for older children ages 2-5 years as well. It measures 5'7"w x 5'11"d. It requires a 17' 7" x 17' 11" either in an unlimited access setting, or if any of the children in this play yard are 24+ months old. It has a smaller 11' 7" x 11' 11" use zone requirement when used in a supervised, limited access setting, whereas it is separated and will not be used by children older than 23 months.

Product Highlights:
  • Easy assembly and mounting, does not require professional installers
  • 18-inch fall height for beginning climbers
  • Plentiful play opportunities inside and out
  • Perfect play place for infants and toddlers
*This structure does meet the safety guidelines for ages 2 - 5, and is being marketed by others for this age group. We recommend that you consider this for infants and toddlers. If used for older children, it is not an age appropriate climber, can be used for dramatic play only, and should be considered for light use only. Contact us if you wish to discuss using this for ages 2-5 years.

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