Johnny Appleseed Musical Play Station by Playground Prodigy
Johnny Appleseed Musical Play Station by Playground Prodigy

Johnny Appleseed Musical Play Station by Playground Prodigy

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The Johnny Appleseed Musical Play Station is a bright, colorful learning station, with loads of musical activity and high play value in a compact unit. This exciting new commercial outdoor or indoor interactive panel system is as fun to look at and observe the children as it is to play. The perfectly tuned outdoor instruments are accessible from each side of every panel, creating eight music panels in one awesome, compact unit. The children can play all the instruments from both sides of the apple slices.

With these instruments there are no wrong notes. Children of all ages and abilities will be successful at creating beautiful tones, from the first note on, without adult intervention. This success helps to inspire the children to play more, learn more, and it will quickly become an essential tool to aid in the children's proper brain development, at an early age.

Our wonderful musical play station provides the opportunity for a group of children to play cooperatively and simultaneously, as they navigate between the sweet slices of the wondrous interactive music station, creating a masterful musical symphony. 'Playground Prodigy's' nature inspired Johnny Appleseed Outdoor Musical Panels combine two things that children love - music and the outdoors. All musical experiences lead to learning, including sensory development, promoting self expression, eye-hand coordination and development of socialization skills.

These outdoor musical panels bring a new dimension of play to the playground equipment as they deliver in sound, quality and durability. This awesome collection of instruments is sturdy enough to hold up to all weather conditions for decades when used outdoors, and even longer lasting indoors. The HDPE panels and specially plated instruments can be easily sanitized daily, making them ideal for sterile environments, such as medical facilities, waiting rooms, schools and child care programs whereas the children's health and safety is imperative.

The station features: Twin Spin Maracas, 3 Bells which feature a gravity assisted sliding-drop bell striker and a complete octave of tube chimes, grouped together on two opposing panels, with cam strikers on both sides. All the instruments can be played without mallets/beaters, since the innovative strikers are built in, and each instrument can be played from either side of it's panel. 

The panels and the maracas are made from a tough, durable, and safe - two color, 100% recyclable High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which does not rot, split or delaminate. The chimes are made from Anodized aluminum with a brushed finish and the bells are stainless steel with brushed finish. It includes a T-Slot aluminum post. Finished in Slate Grey, the posts are ASTM compliant and include a post cap at the top.

Ideal for outdoor musical playgrounds, musical gardens, music parks, shopping malls, indoor play centers, showrooms, shops and stores. This activity station is a compact unit, with preassembled panels and all the parts ready for you to complete the assembly. It is an independent, free standing unit. It includes the brackets to attach to your surface if preferred. It measures 51" dia. x 54"h and is recommended for children ages 2 years and older.

Product Features
  • Compact musical activity play structure
  • Features include spin maracas, bells and cam chimes
  • No mallets or beaters required
  • HDPE construction
  • Can be freestanding or secured with ground anchors
  • Supplied with post and ground fixing brackets

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