Outdoor Messy Mud Kitchen
Outdoor Messy Mud Kitchen

Outdoor Messy Mud Kitchen

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This is our best wooden outdoor mud kitchen! Have your children explore and play outside with our rustic Mud Kitchen. 

This child-sized outdoor activity station is ideal for fun and messy educational safe play. This mud kitchen features a large removable white sink liner with ample space to get their hands dirty. Below there is a large weather safe removeable crate to store and display all your backyard play things. Additionally, two sliding and removeable drawers pull out for easy play and storage.

The frame is constructed from durable and nontoxic acetylated wood. This type of wood defies the elements in any seasons from shrinking, warping and rotting. It is also resistant to termite and ants. 

All edges and corners have been rounded for safety in any outdoor play environment. Additionally, all hardware is stainless steel. The total dimensions for this unit is 24”H x 60”L x 19-1/4”D. The white rugged 8” deep plastic liner tray’s dimensions are 8”H x 24-3/4”W x 15”D. The crate’s dimensions are 18-1/4”D x 28”W x 9”H. The Mud Kitchen comes fully assembled and is proudly made in the U.S.A. with a 10 year warranty.

FYI - Acetylated wood construction is the most recommended material used on commercial children's outdoor play equipment, whenever a customer prefers the natural rustic appearance of wood over commercial grade plastics. While it will withstand most weather conditions for many years, it is real wood, which will have some limitations. Over the course of time, wood will show wear, and will not withstand the constant abuse it may receive in a commercial application for the same length of time as some of our other equipment, including our mud kitchens and outdoor equipment made from HPDE plastics and/or recycled plastic lumber. Please contact us if you would like to learn more and to discuss your options. 

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