BigRedBase PendulumBowler System
BigRedBase PendulumBowler System

BigRedBase PendulumBowler System

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Ideal for small space play, this complete Pendulum Bowling System includes all components necessary, including the BigRedBase, to create a unique and fun bowling experience in your PE class.

The PendulumBowler System is a cost-effective way to make bowling available to virtually anyone, anywhere you can set up a BigRedBase. This BRB add-on uses our best Max Tetherball, whose Cell-U-Lar Rubber Technology cover makes it both inviting and easy to hold. 

The ball is suspended from a special height-adjustable tether, attached to a boom-arm that extends clear of the base. The ball can cleanly strike a traditional rack of 10 plastic bowling pins and cause full-impact action. The PendulumBowler System includes 1 PendulumBowler, 1 BigRedBase, 1 Tall Post, 1 Max Tether Ball and a set of 10 Plastic Bowling Pins.


  • Great for building hand and eye coordination
  • Created for individuals of all abilities
  • Part of the BigRedBase system games
  • The tether included is not designed to withstand the forces of a tetherball game
Kit includes:
  • 1 Pendulum Bowler
  • 1 BigRedBase
  • 1 Tall Post
  • 1 SportimeMax Tether Ball
  • Set of 10 Plastic Bowling Pins

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