Children's Dynasty, Use Zone 23' 3" x 32'
Children's Dynasty, Use Zone 23' 3' x 32'

Children's Dynasty, Use Zone 23' 3" x 32'

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The Children's Dynasty provides a quaint little playground community where children can get along and play together. The elevated portion of the structure consists of three square decks put together, offering plenty of space for children to run around and move past each other with ease. This long platform has a slide at each end; one Straight Slide, and one Right Turn Slide. 

The structure also has a Ship’s Wheel and a Gear Panel, with fun spinning pieces that delight children and inspire their imaginations. One side of the structure has a Vertical PE Rock Climbing Wall and a Sea Creature Climber, which offer children two exciting and distinct ways of reaching the structure. And for additional creative play, there is a Store Panel and a Single Drum attached to the side of the structure on the ground level, both of which make the playset ADA compliant.

The Children's Dynasty includes:

  • ADA Transfer Station.
  • 2 Slides.
  • Drum Panel.
  • Store Panel.
  • Sea Creature Climber.
Children's Dynasty
Child Capacity25-29
Fall Height 3'
Use Zone 23' 5" X 32'
Age Appropriate2-5
Post Diameter3.5-Inch

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