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Children who play on the Fullerton play structure are going places, whether it's up a climber or down a slide. Made up of two square elevated platforms standing at 48" and 60", this play structure is accessible by a number climber, a vertical ladder, and stairs. A gear panel borders the side of the 60" elevated platform, and a double wave slide attaches to this same elevated platform, giving children a fun way off of the play structure.

A ship's wheel found on the ground level of the play structure provides on-ground play and also makes the play structure ADA compliant. Barriers also border the upper level of the play structure to prevent children from falling off of the structure and injuring themselves. The Fullerton play structure takes children to places of fun. This play structure is designed for children who are between the ages of 2-5 and 5-12 years old.

Child Capacity19-22
Fall Height 5'
Use Zone20' 1" x 33' 4"
Age Appropriate2-12
Post Diameter3.5-Inch

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