Jumbo Jungle Animals: Mommas and Babies
Jumbo Jungle Animals: Mommas and Babies

Jumbo Jungle Animals: Mommas and Babies

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Develop children's fine motor skills, encourage imaginative play and more! These tough, crush-resistant Jumbo Jungle Animals are the perfect size for even the littlest of hands. With their realistic detailing, these six play figures will help children learn new words, build their fine motor skills, and enjoy endless hours of imagination and play. All the figures can easily be wiped clean, and are durable enough to stand up to even the most active play room. Largest animal (momma elephant) measures 12"L. Ages 2+.


  • Momma and baby elephant.
  • Momma and baby gorilla.
  • Momma and baby tiger.

ITERS-R: Dramatic Play 7.2 "Props provided for toddlers to use active dramatic play outdoors or in another large area." Pg. 41

ECERS3: Dramatic Play 5.1 "Many and varied dramatic play materials, enough for number of children allowed, are accessible, including dolls, child-sized furniture, play foods and cooking/eating utensils, dress-up clothes for boys and girls." 5.1 also requires "basic materials like dolls and play food are present" along with additional props, "Just providing the specified materials does not meet the requirement of many and varied." Pg. 54 and 55

FCCERS-R: Dramatic Play 7.2 "Materials accessible for toddlers and older children for active dramatic play outdoors or in other large area. pg. 42

SACERS: Dramatic Play/Theatre 5.1 "Variety of dramatic play materials for both boys and girls that support many roles and situations (Ex: Work, Adventure, Fantasy, Theatrical Productions)." pg. 29

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