Podz 4 Pack Toddler and/or Standard Preschool Cots

Podz 4 Pack Toddler and/or Standard Preschool Cots

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The Foundations Podz Standard Cot is ultra-durable with a steel frame and integrated feet. This is an extremely safe cot with a completely enclosed, no-gap design, which prevents small fingers and toys from getting lodged in openings.

The cot remains extra-clean due to the unique foot, which has no channels or wells to collect dirt and germs. The patent pending design allows cot to flex, snuggling the child and making naptime more comfortable. The ergonomic shape fits children's bodies better and provides more usable space.

This is a great space saver! 20 Pods can be stacked less than two feet high. Numbering system lets you assign cots and keep organized.

No GapsNo FraysNo Wells


  • 54.33"L x 27.165"W x 5.0"H (Standard Preschool)
  • 42.33"L x 27.165"W x 5.0"H (Toddler)
  • 6 lbs (Standard Preschool)<
  • 4 lbs (Toddler)
Weight Limit:
  • 100 lbs
  • 10 years

Better Comfort Better Rest

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