Sanford, Ages 5-12 years - Use Zone 32' 5" x 34' 1"
Sanford, Ages 5-12 years - Use Zone 32' 5' x 34' 1'

Sanford, Ages 5-12 years - Use Zone 32' 5" x 34' 1"

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The Sanford is the perfect early childhood play system for your after school child care center, school or park! It's design and activities are sure to offer non-stop fun for your children! The ADA Transfer Station ensures fun for Everyone.

The Sanford play structure is an elegant playset built around a gorgeous, elevated hexagonal pavilion - a welcoming change from traditional play structures. Children will access the platforms by way of Vertical Ladder or Transfer Station, or by scaling a Spiral Climber. 

These connected platforms feature plenty of fabulous events, including a Gear Panel, found on the elevated hexagonal platform, and both a Straight and a Spiral Slide. Children will also love racing their friends down the Double Slide. And after they’ve zipped to the bottom, a Drum Panel and Store Panel sits on the ground level of the structure, making the structure ADA compliant. These two events provide lots of opportunities for creative and dramatic play. 

A Hex Roof shades the main platform, providing a respite from the sun on hot days and keeping the play events cool. Beautiful, dynamic, and functional, the Sanford makes any green space a paradise for kids of all ability levels.

The Sanford includes:
  • Double Slide
  • Straight Slide
  • Spiral Slide
  • Drum Panel
  • Gear Panel
  • Spiral Climber
  • ADA Transfer Station
Child Capacity33-38
Fall Height 5'
Use Zone32' 5" X 34' 1"
Age Appropriate5-12
Post Diameter4.5-Inch

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