Sit-N-Spin, Use Zone 14' 1" x 14' 1"
Sit-N-Spin, Use Zone 14' 1' x 14' 1'

Sit-N-Spin, Use Zone 14' 1" x 14' 1"

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Product ID:PGEC-PSN001

Children ages 2-5 & 5-12 years will love taking the Sit-N-Spin for a ride! The flower shaped seat sinks down in the center, providing a comfortable place for kids to sit. The edge of the seat features ridges, giving it the flower shape. The ridges also provide a spot for kids to rest their legs as they spin and a place to hold on with their hands. Available in three bright color schemes, this spinner will be a definite stand out on the playground. The small size of the Sit-N-Spin makes this unit perfect for any size playground!

Fall Height 1' 9"
Use Zone 14' 1" X 14' 1"
Age Appropriate 2-5 & 5-12

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