Strictly for Kids Mainstream Indestructible Preschool Stove, 21-5/8''w x 16''d x 28''h, 24''h Stove Top
Strictly for Kids Mainstream Indestructible Preschool Stove, 21-5/8''w x 16''d x 28''h, 24''h Stove Top

Strictly for Kids Mainstream Indestructible Preschool Stove, 21-5/8''w x 16''d x 28''h, 24''h Stove Top

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This wonderful play stove with range allows your young, junior chefs to prepare a gourmet meal for their buddies. The steel handles help provide a realistic element and extra durability. You will love the safe design and the zero maintenance, indestructible aspect of this rock solid cabinet. Buy it only once - this is one of the best investments you will ever make for the dramatic play area in your childcare or preschool program.

Every safety and durability feature imaginable has been included in the design and construction of this one of a kind unit.  It is the most rugged, best built, commercial quality wooden play kitchen set on the market today. It is manufactured by the industries best craftsman to withstand the rigorous use in a classroom for decades longer than any other brands. 

It is built entirely of Baltic Birch Plywood, with no pressboard, masonite, pegboard, corrugated plastic or other inferior materials. Construction techniques include dado joints, glue/clamp construction (essential for the wood to bond properly-notice that there are no gaps where the wood meets, unlike other brands). One piece solid Baltic Birch Plywood back, which is glued to the backsplash, eliminating the need to attach the backsplash and it will never become loose. 

Other features include 5/8" thick Baltic Birch doors which are attached with full piano hinges, then lowered to 5/8" off the floor, preventing tipping if children hang on the doors. The burners have been routed into the top, no silk screening, paint or decals to rub off.  The solid HDPE knobs are machined in our shop and are over 50 times the strength of hollow plastic knobs. All knobs are fastened with bolts & locknuts to prevent children from removing them.

The safety benefits include a 16" extra deep cabinet, which resists tipping. The lowered doors, at 5/8"h from the floor, cause the cabinet to stop immediately if a child swings on the door and it does begin to tip. The full length piano hinges help prevent pinching. Every edge and corner is generously rounded for safety. The non-toxic waterborne finish and earth friendly materials ensure that this set is safe for the children and the environment.

Built to last, with the industries only "Outside the Box" lifetime warranty (competitors warranties expire once you remove the furniture from the box, subjecting it to "normal wear & tear.") Depending on the usage, the lifetime expectancy is between 25 to 40 years, at which time it will likely be replaced due to the aesthetics, not due to breakage (breakage is covered by the warranty). The extended wear keeps this unit in the classroom and out of the landfill, since it will still be in use 3 to 6 times as long as other commercial units. 21-5/8''w x 16''d x 28''h, 24''h to sink top. 
  • Cabinet arrives fully assembled - simply attach the handles
  • One time purchase, doesn't require replacement over time
  • Lifetime warranty, which includes anticipated abuse & misuse by the children & normal wear & tear
  • No-Tip depth and lowered doors add an element of safety & durability
  • Realistic steel handles

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